I’m pretty sure I spend way more time online than I should.  But while I’m not doing my homework or calling my mother back like I said I would, I find some pretty cool sites.

I’ve been totally addicted to Threadless for quite a while now. My roommate probably thinks I like it because it facilitates my online shopping addiction. Which might be true. But its also is a really cool site based on community participation and design. Members submit and vote on designs, and each week winning designs are printed as tee-shirts.

One of this weeks shirts that I’m currently lusting after:


One site that I don’t like is myspace. I’ve never had a myspace, nor do I ever plan on getting one. I know Facebook, which I have, is a lot like myspace, but I like the clean design of Facebook better. And I feel like its easier to know who you’re really talking to when you’re on Facebook, although you still come across creepers sometimes. But that’s the internet. Gloriously anonymous if you want it to be, and gloriously easy to be creepy.

This post was way longer than I intended.


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. I am sure you are spending way too much time on the internet. As am I right now, when I should be exercising. Please try to control that online shopping addiction. Don’t want you to end up buying houses and temples via the Internet some day. Who can read my comments anyway?

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