I’m just wondering if anyone else hates mornings as much as I do? Personally, I think that all days should just start at about 11 am; we could skip morning all together and go straight to afternoon, a much more pleasant time of day.


Oh, but since mornings do exist, I’m just going to drink some more coffee. Random note about coffee: The first day my theology professor put us into our small groups, I scared my group permanently by informing them that I was on my second cup of coffee for the day (its was 9:30 am). But that’s not typical; I’m not quite that dependent on coffee usually. 🙂

One thought on “anti-am

  1. Try a bowl of cereal and juice for breakfast while looking out the window and thanking God for another day, and maybe you will begin to look forward to mornings.
    Caffeine is not necessary as long as you are getting enough sleep. And getting enough sleep is essential for your overall health.

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