I love carbohydrates. Really. I love bread (muffins, biscuits, rolls, scones), pretzels, crackers, etc.

And I also spend a lot of time typing on my computer.

What’s the connection? you ask.

Breadou! Adorable, squeezable wrist rests for your typing weary wrists that look and smell like bread!


Aren’t they cute? And you can use the roll shaped ones as stress balls!


There are six different Breadou “emoticons” (wrist rests for your mouse hand), each with a different face and four different “loafs” for your wrists as you type.

And they can be ordered online at Breadou.

So…who wants to buy me “Happy Coffee Cream“?

2 thoughts on “Breadou

  1. You are invited to Breadou’s official website @

    Breadou Original – launched in June 2008
    Breadou Emoticon – launched in Aug 2008
    Breadou Loaf – launched in Oct 2008
    Breadou Goody Murphy – launched in Nov 2008
    Breadou Donut – launched in Dec 2008
    Breadou Swiss Roll – launched in Dec 2008
    Breadou Torto – launched in January 2009
    Breadou Slice of Love – launched in February 2009
    Breadou Emoticon Keyring – launched in February 2009

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