God Loves Me

That is the only explanation I can come up with for this morning’s fabulous events.  God loves me.

My web design critique was supposed to be this morning at 8:30 am.  Critiques pretty much make me nauseous.  I hate public speaking and I’m even more shy about showing my design work to a bunch of people.  And, I was really worried about my art history midterm at 11 today.

I get up, shower, get dressed, even put on some makeup (first time my web design class will have ever experience the beauty of my mascara-d lashes), and head downstairs, where, 1st Example of Why God Loves Me:  Residence Hall Government is giving away free coffee and donuts by the front desk!  Whoot!  I snag some coffee, eye the donuts dubiously and head outside, where, 2nd Example of Why God Loves Me:  the sun is shining!  Sun?  In Omaha?  *swoons*  See, God sees my no-sun depression.  And!  Its not freezing! (I’m counting that as 2nd and a half example, because it goes with the sun).

Then I arrive at the design lab, where I discover, 3rd Example of Why God Loves Me:  My poor teacher is deathly ill and highly contagious and we don’t have class!!!!!!! (Sorry to be so excited about it, Joel).

Which means: 1. I can head over to the dining hall and get some breakfast.  2.  I can go study for Art History more!

Thank you Jesus.

And since God is in a particularly loving mood today…I’d like to offer up a few prayers for my grandparents, Bree, all Creighton students, and midterms in general. ❤

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