I was checking the weather on my laptop this morning when I heard a soft, but very distinctive sound outside my window…

Birds chirping.

This is a sound I have not heard here in Omaha in quite a while.  Also, while walking to work this morning, a pair of robins flew across my path and I witnessed another little bird flitting through the bushes.

Signs of spring perhaps?

Also, the Creighton weather page informed me that there was 100% humidity today…I rather hoped this was a typo, but put my hair in a ponytail just in case.

Edit: I checked again and it still says 100% humidity.  It also claims that today’s sunrise was at 6:49 am, but I’ll have you know that at 6:49 am I was walking to work and I did not see a sunrise.  Although, the sun is out now, and I may have been to busy looking at the robins to notice, but still…


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