The Answer is 42

I think I may have committed blog suicide, but maybe I can be reincarnated?

By tomorrow night my roommates and I will officially know where we are living next year, which is exciting and the end of lots of stress and anticipation.  Hopefully there will be no drama during the lottery process, but you never know.

We will be sending the yearbook to the printers this week, which is also an exciting end to a slightly stressful process. 😀

And in the late morning tomorrow I register for my classes for next semester.  Hopefully I will get all the classes I want, a couple of them only have a few spots left, so I’m a little nervous.

Basically, this week is the culmination of lots of anticipation, and the beginning of new things.  That was almost deep.

I bowled an 85 yesterday.  I think that may be a personal best.  Yes, I am AMAZING. 🙂

Note:  The title of this post is a reference to a Douglas Adams novel.  Ten points to whoever can tell me which one.


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