Got what it takes to be a reporter? …No.

I’m taking news reporting this semester.  Its a requirement for my major, graphic design, and it counts as a certified writing class, which is required for The Core (dun dun).  Anyway, in chapter two, there is a quiz you’re supposed to take, called ‘Got what it takes to be a reporter?’  While this does not sound nearly as fun as fluff magazine quizzes (ex:  ‘Is your BFF really on your side?’ ‘What’s your seduction style?’ lol), I took it anyway.

Here are the possible results:

30 points:  Congratulations!  You were destined to be a journalist.  (Or else you lied, which is a heinous things for a reporter to do).

25-30 points:  You’re a solid contender for a successful journalism career.  You’ve got the personality and ability a good reporter needs.

20-25 points:  Journalism is a good fit for you, mostly–but it may require you to change your attitude or improve some skills.

Less than 20 points:  Think we’re grading too harshly?  Well, there’s a good chance you just won’t be happy working in a newsroom.

Anyone want to know how many points I got?  …18.

Hah.  Thank you quiz for telling me what I already knew.


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