Too Much Reading

Dear School,

This is too much reading.  How ’bout we go back to picture books?  Over break I really embraced the whole “getting enough sleep in a night” concept and I’d like to stick with it.  However, if I stick with that, I will never get all this reading done.  For example, I will never finish reading the Power of Myth before class today.  Sorry.  Perhaps if there were more than the occasional reference to Star Wars, I would.  Funny thing is, I actually tried to read the Power of Myth once before (yeah, I’m a huge nerd), because I’d heard that it basically inspired Star Wars.  However, I was in grade school and it clearly went way over my head.  And now I’m really reading it and I do think its interesting, just kind of slow reading and I simply don’t have time!

So back to my plea, School, less reading?

Okay, thanks.  Bye.

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