the SarcMark

Tired of your snappy sarcastic comments destroying your friendships because they just didn’t sound that funny in facebook chat?  Want your friends to know its okay, you’re just kidding?

Introducing….The SarcMark!

I kid you not, someone has found a way to profit from sarcasm’s inability to be read over the internet.  For a mere $1.99 you can download the software that will enable you to use the SarcMark in emails and word documents.  Off course, if you want to use it on your phone, you’ll have to download it separately for your phone, because there are two different softwares, one for computers and one for mobile devices.  And, you can only use the SarcMark in your text messages if your friends have the software, too.

They also sell shirts, so you can proudly promote your sarcastic ways!!!! Isn’t that awesome??? (Note, sarcasm–and I didn’t even use the SarcMark).


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