I was looking for something else, but this blog post came up in my google results.

11 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

Its a very well thought out plan to help you save money when buying your groceries.  Although the author’s sample grocery list included WAY too much chili and refried beans for my taste, I thought the tips were really good, although she neglected to mention that many grocery stores will give you a few cents bag credit for bringing your own reusable tote bags (save money and save the environment!).

The google search that brought me to that blog post was actually an attempt to verify the legitamacy of this MLIA post:

Today while surfing the web I came across an ad that read, “Do you like balloons? Then you will LOVE non-fat dry milk!” I’m very confused. MLIA

(I wanted to find the ad because commenting on my teacher’s ad blog has got me all into advertising lol!)

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