I live in Omaha

This is my favorite post from the IliveinOmaha site:
I live in Omaha because there are a lot of desserts and chocolates around.

Why do I live in Omaha?  Because that’s where Creighton is, duh!  And you know what, its starting to grow on me.

Things I like about Omaha:
1.  The Zoo!
2.  Walking across the pedestrian bridge.
3.  The people.
4.  The million trillion restaurant choices!
5.  Coffee shops.  The Old Market in general.
6.  Ted n’ Wally’s

One thought on “I live in Omaha

  1. I basically grew up in Omaha, and I’m attending college about an hour away in Lincoln right now. If you dig Ted n’ Wally’s you need to check out Dixie Quick’s. It’s a great restaurant that fits college student budgets like ours.. just make sure you call ahead for a reservation.

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