in the quiet

So I wasn’t supposed to work tonight, but I was walking through the building and ran into the building manager, a good friend of mine.  I commented on the fact that there was no desk worker sitting at the desk and she told me that once again, a desk worker had failed to show up for a rotating shift.  That’s been a big problem this semester.  We both sort of looked at each other and she said, “Are you doing anything tonight?” and I said “Well, I was going to go to lab but I’ve got book stuff I could do…”

So here I am, embracing the quiet of a completely dead night at work.  There’s no events going on in the building and it just has this sort of peaceful emptiness, broken enough by the ocassional student wandering through that it isn’t creepy solitute.

And I’m getting paid to do my homework, which is what I was going to do all night for free anyway, ha!

Normally I’d probably be bored by how quiet it is, especially on a Friday night when I might want to be doing something else.  But its been a hectic week, and a very stressful one, so I’m really enjoying this right now.  I guess I’m taking time to “stop and smell the roses.”  Thank you, cliche.

Its all about the quiet time.  Everyone needs some.

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