homesick or peoplesick?

I’m in Ireland.  Awesome, right?  So why do I wish I were in Cleveland?

I don’t think I would really trade Ireland for Cleveland, but I wish I could bring all my friends from Cleveland and Omaha to Ireland with me.  This experience is amazing, no doubt about that, but it would be a million times more amazing if I had those people from home who make me laugh, smile, love life, and enjoy things that much more.  I really like the group I’m with, for the most part, but they don’t know me, don’t understand my moods the way my longtime friends do.

This makes me sound so mopey, and I’m really having tons of fun exploring Ireland.  Just missing some people.


One thought on “homesick or peoplesick?

  1. hang in there! everyone gets homesick a little. =) just try and enjoy it as much as possible and you’ll be home soon. =) miss you!

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