And now I’m not ready to go back!

Okay, so I have two more days in Dublin.  Three nights, two days.  One night will be spent packing.  Now that its almost time for me to leave, I am frantic that I haven’t seen enough, haven’t done enough, just haven’t gotten enough of Ireland!  Eek.  I would feel like that now that I’m about to go back to America.

We had some traditional Irish food for dinner tonight, boxty.  This is a potato pancake, usually stuffed with meat and sauce I guess.  I had a chicken boxty.  Sort of remniscent of an enchilada, but with different sauce.  Oh, and I don’t think there was cheese.  So it just appeared to resemble an enchilada, but with a totally different taste.  It was good, but SO filling.  Meredith and I for some reason thought we should get sides of mashed potatoes as well….foolish move.  I am stuffed.

The group is mostly all in the computer lab right now, finishing, or trying to finish our History papers.  Mary Kate is proofreading mine, but since she’s already made 11 comments, I’m rather regretting letting an English major proofread my paper!  One more day of class!


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