night drive

I was driving back to my apartment the other night after seeing some friends from the Ireland group again, and it was that perfect time in a summer night when the air is still warm and heavy, but cooling down enough that you can roll the windows down and blast the music.

Last summer, I had an absolutely terrible job at an outdoor concert venue an hour away from my house.  The nights were long and kind of miserable, trying to sell over priced flowers and tacky souveniers to people, but the best part was the drive back to my house.  It was midnight and I was exhausted, but by then the hot summer day had cooled off enough that I didn’t need the air conditioning on in my car.  I love being able to roll my windows down and feel the wind tangle my hair into a hopeless mess (I was on my way to bed–it didn’t matter what my hair looked like!).  I like to crank up the music (often country) and just drive through the dark.  Midnight is the perfect time:  there’s so few other drivers on the road that you feel like you’re in your own little world.

I had a lot of nights like that last summer, but until two nights ago, I hadn’t had a moment like that this summer.  As I was driving back from seeing my Ireland group, I was listening to Little Big Town, the windows were down, there was a warm breeze flowing through the car, and I was hit with a weird combination of contentment and exhiliaration.  Suddenly I realized I didn’t really feel like going straight back to my apartment.  I wanted to just keep driving, to make the moment last a little longer.

I found myself searching for reasons to keep driving, things I needed to do…it was around 11 pm, there wasn’t really anything I needed to do, anywhere to go, but I wanted to keep driving.  I ended up taking a roundabout way back to my apartment, driving past the Qwest Center and the Pedestrian Bridge, both of which look awesome at night when they’re all lit up.  And now I can’t wait for my next night drive.


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