no-coffee challenge?

I’m getting over the flu, which I’ve had for almost a week, and realized, that for that same amount of time, I haven’t had any coffee.  Today is Sunday, and I haven’t had any coffee since Tuesday.  I was pretty sure my stomach couldn’t handle it.  The first two days involved splitting headaches, although I would attribute part of that to the sickness and my lack of food intake.  Eventually the headaches dissipated, and I think I’m pretty much over the flu for the most part.

My stomach could probably handle coffee again.  But I’m wondering, should I?  I love the taste of coffee, the smell of coffee, the soothing action of brewing coffee and pouring it in my mug each morning.  However, before this, I was averaging three cups of coffee a day, and I will admit that I would consider myself addicted.  Courtesy of the flu, I’m feeling pretty detoxed, and I’m not sure I want to jump right back into the addiction.  However, I know coffee is going to be necessary with the crazy hectic schedule I have this semester.  I haven’t needed it these past several days because I’ve spent so much time sick in bed, but its going to be a busy week (especially since I’m now so behind in school work).

But I want to see how long I can go without coffee.  And maybe prolong my re-addiction to caffeine.  So we’ll see.  The Official No Coffee Challenge will start tomorrow.  I’ll keep you updated.


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