destinations decided

Well, I finally know what I’m doing for spring break, which is a relief.  I’ll be spending the beginning here, relaxing, working at the desk, and probably working on yearbook.  After that, I’ll be spending a few days in Orlando with my Dad.  I’ve never (that I can remember) been to Orlando, so I’m pretty excited.  Also, I googled it, and there is a zipline right outside of Orlando.  I absolutely love ziplining, so I’m really looking forward to that.  I’m even looking forward to the challenge of convincing my Dad that he is going to zipline with me.  I love to argue, ha!

A weekend with my Dad may not be the typical spring break that college students envision, but I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve never really dreamed of that spring break week in Mexico, drinking and tanning on the beach (I burn far too easily for that).  My freshman year I spent my spring break on a service trip, sophomore year I visited my brother in Chicago and then went home for the rest of the week, and junior year I stayed here and my brother and sister came to visit me.

I guess my point is, my spring break plans might not be the typical plans of a college senior, but I’m excited about them.


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