life is sweet (literally)–baking post

After a week of so of yearning, I have finally gained possession of…Girl Scout Cookies.


This is thanks to Erin, who found them for sale while she was grocery shopping and texted me to see if I wanted her to buy me some.  I’m pretty sure she knew the answer would be yes.

There is simply so much joy (and calories) in a box of Girl Scout cookies.  And now I have thin mints and tagalongs (or peanut butter patties for those who live in certain regions).  Delicious.  I’m totally hiding them in my room so now one else eats them.

In addition to Girl Scout cookies, I now have a pan of bread pudding, indirectly courtesy of Jimmy Johns.  I ordered a sandwich for lunch today and got a loaf of day-old French bread free with my sandwich.  Being the baking whiz that I am, I was all “Oh, I’m just gonna whip up some bread pudding with that.  No biggie.”

Okay, that’s not really how it happened.  But I looked up some bread pudding recipes, picked one, and went to town.  Aaaaaand, I have successfully impressed my roommate who declared “You are a woman to marry,” she was so impressed by my baking.  True story.


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