damn dirt devil

I learned a lot about my vacuum last night. This post could also be titled “Why I Need a Man” or “The Importance of Reading the Owner’s Manual” or to put it quite succinctly, “Steph is an idiot.”

My lovely red Dirt Devil is bagless. It has one of those clear canisters on the front that fills with dirt and then you empty when it hits the “max fill” line. Or when it’s slightly above the “max fill” line…

The first few times I vacuumed, everything went as it should. The canister filled up rapidly – partly because the apartment had been very dusty before I moved in and partly because of the SassCat’s fur. I emptied it and carried on.

Then I started to notice that the canister wasn’t filling up. “That’s weird,” I thought, but continued vacuuming.

A few weeks later, I realized why the canister wasn’t filling to the “max fill” line. All the dirt was actually being sucked up past that, into the top of the canister that connects to the hose attachment and accumulating into a big, rabid dust bunny up at the top. So I detached the canister and pulled the disgusting mess of dust and cat hair out through the top of the canister and threw it away, hoping that the next time I vacuumed, the canister would behave.


Dirt Devil and I carried on like this for several more rounds of vacuuming. Except that it began to seem like nothing was accumulating in the canister now…but the floor seemed cleaner…

Tonight I discovered that the dirt is actually being sucked up all the way through the canister and into the hose attachment. And then just hanging out there. Some of it may be completely cycling through the vacuum somehow and going back onto the floor, I’m not totally sure.

I also discovered that there are quite a few removable parts to this canister to make emptying it easier…oh and I probably should have cleaned out the filter long before now!

Stay tuned for the next exciting post about my vacuum, in which I shall hopefully share that it is functioning properly due to a clean filter.

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