Beer Cap Magnets

I was feeling a little crafty the other night. Plus, I’d finally collected enough beer caps and bought round magnets.

Beer Cap Magnets

Ideal for the craft beer lover, beer snob, or party animal.

There are two ways you can do this craft.

1. The Easy Way

2. The Make Things Harder For Yourself Way

The easy way is simply to take a magnet, stick it on your fridge, and then cover it with a beer cap. Beer caps are metal. They will stick to the magnet, which is in turn, stuck to the fridge. You are done. Amazing.

But, the height of the magnet is basically the same as the height of the beer cap, resulting in the edges of the beer cap scraping against the fridge whenever you move the magnet around. I didn’t like that – I’m particular, okay?

So I folded up bits of cardboard, and hot glued a layer in between the magnet and the beer cap. Which gives it a bit more dimension. The beer caps are lifted away from the fridge, and if you’re feeling fancy, you can angle the beer cap a bit, so it’s not flat against the fridge.

However, I’m worried the magnet’s pull toward the fridge will be stronger than the glue. So if you pull the beer cap off the fridge, it may disconnect from the magnet. Time will tell. And then we’ll just go back to the easy way.

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