Modular Felt Coasters + Felted Flower Wreath

I’m going to say it right now. Most of my craft projects are super girly.

You’ve been warned.

I found this modular felt coaster tutorial over on How About Orange.

The modern, graphic look of them really appealed to me, and I had a TON of felt leftover from making my spring/summer wreath. So I thought I’d try these coasters out. There is also a trivet version of the tutorial, which is what I really wanted to make, but I thought I should start small. I actually have no need for new coasters, due to a bad habit of snitching coasters from every bar/pub I visit. It’s like a scrapbook of places I’ve been.

Things I learned from my felt coaster project:

  1. Felt is surprisingly hard to slice?
  2. I really need to invest in new X-acto knife blades.

Here they are in action. They sit on my coffee table now, and I’ve corralled all the bar coasters into a pretty box that used to hold notecards. The box sits next to the pretty coasters, in case I should ever need more than two coasters at once.

And that’s a pint glass that I got for two dollars at a dive bar in the town I grew up in. You can’t get Yuengling in the Midwest (it’s only distributed to 13 or so states, pretty much all East Coast), but it’s a nice craft beer.


FYI, one sheet of felt makes two coasters.

And here’s a couple pics of the wreath I made (the original project this felt was for).


One thought on “Modular Felt Coasters + Felted Flower Wreath

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