A 3 Beer Project

It may have been 4 beers…

Let me explain. My coworker bought a Martha Stewart Organizing magazine (all of the organizing tips from Martha Stewart Living) and decided we should make chicken wire earring hangers, sort of like this example.

It seemed like a good idea, until she realized that Lowe’s only sells chicken wire in 10 foot rolls, for like 20 bucks. She ended up buying window screen fabric (which was still sold in bulk, but cheaper). I didn’t really want to do that, so I pretty much gave up on the project. Then I remembered that I had a spool of jewelry wire hanging around…


As my last post alluded, I decided to make chicken wire out of the spool of jewelry wire. It was not a fun process and bending the wire really starts to take a toll on your fingers after a while.

Beer #1 – Cutting the wire into pieces.

That’s the frame I wanted to use (previously bought at the thrift store for a different project), and my many pieces of wire, and my cat waiting to pounce.

Beer #2 – Wrapping/twisting the wire into a grid pattern.

Here you can see the grid pattern finally starting to form as I worked, looping each vertical piece under and over the horizontal wires, bending to hold. This took forever.

Beer #3 – trying to decide what fabric to use in the back (parameters: only fabric that I already had. I was doing this on the cheap).

On the wall without fabric. I tried a turquoise, but it was too bright for the rest of the decor in the room. Then I tried a blue/gray, but that was too dark. My walls are tan (“latte” according to the apartment staff), and the gold wire didn’t really stand out against them…I felt like it needed something, but what? I tried wrapping paper, which had exactly the right color scheme to match my bedroom, but the metallic of the design competed with the earrings and the wire. It was a shiny, reflective mess.

Beer #4? This beer probably happened. This whole project was done over the course of several days, fyi.

Here’s a crappy cell phone pic of what it looks like now. White paper with a pale design that matches my comforter. I may still switch it out to be just plain white. Still deciding.

PS  – I’m really not as obsessed with hoop earrings as this post makes me out to be.

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