Power Tools Are Not My Friend

Sometimes I feel bad for living up to the stereotypes of girls.

I do believe that there is no reason girls can’t do something boys can. I believe we are equals.


I like pink. I like glitter. I like baking. I scream when I see spiders. I’m not good at math or science. Sometimes I act stupid around boys because I know my intelligence intimidates them, and underneath it all, I just want to be liked.

And as it turns out…power tools really aren’t my thing. And by power tools, I actually just mean, small drills.

I have been really wanting curtains in my living room for the past year that I’ve lived here. Things holding me back:

  1. Long curtains are expensive – and I need two  (it’s a large sliding glass door with custom blinds)..
  2. Curtain rods are expensive.
  3. I wasn’t sure how I would mount the curtain rod above the blinds (it’s an apartment, so the less holes in the wall the better).

Then I found this DIY curtain rod tutorial. It seemed so simple – and cheap. So I went to Lowe’s and bought all the supplies (it ended up costing me a bit more than the reference blog post, fyi, but still cheaper than curtains and a fancy rod. Also, Lowe’s doesn’t normally cut emt conduit to length for you, but if you bat your eyelashes and look helpless, they will. WIN). I bought single twin flat sheets at Walmart ($5 a piece) and am going to hem them to the exact length.

I borrowed a drill from my neighbor friend. And I was ready. I was super excited. I felt so empowered. I was going to hang this curtain rod all by myself and it was going to be awesome. I was going to be so badass.


I didn’t have the right kind of screws for the wall, I spent all night on the phone with my dad, the idea of drilling holes into the wall really freaks me out (once you start drilling, you’re stuck with it, you know?), and so on.

One and a half brackets attached to the wall later…

I’ve got the hang of the drilling thing. I’ll be making my third trip to the hardware store tomorrow to buy shorter screws and then hopefully everything will work out. And maybe in a couple days I’ll post pictures of my finished curtain rod and drapery!

I’m not trying to make some big sweeping feminist – or anti-feminist – statement here. I’ve never used a drill before and you have to keep in mind that I’m trying to figure this all out without someone here to show me what to do. So actually, I think I did pretty well! The thing I feel bad about in situations like this is that I know I’m playing into stereotypes and reinforcing them. And I want to be a better role model for younger girls. So they don’t have to be intimidated by things like power tools and math (I see numbers and my brain shuts off!).


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