I conquered the curtain rod

I am very excited to share the culmination of my curtain project today. As my last post revealed, it didn’t really get off to a good start. So I went to bed and woke the next morning, refreshed and with a renewed determination to hang my curtain rod.

My third trip to the hardware store yielded the correct length of screws. I present to you, a securely mounted bracket!

One might argue that I am a little too proud of my bracket. One might get smacked.

I used clip rings to hang the curtains, and the above photo is how they looked at first.

Thrifty tip: You can buy single twin flat sheets at Walmart for $5 a piece. That’s what my curtains are made out of. It’s cheaper than buying fabric by the yard.

However, they were slightly too long hanging like this.

Case in point, the SassCat making herself a nice little bed on the too long curtains. But, my mom had a suggestion (see, moms do know everything!).

I folded over the top of the curtains and clipped them on the fold, creating a valance and solving the length problem in one fell swoop! (And if you look closely, you will spy one of my modular felt coasters on the coffee table there).

The middle bracket is probably overkill (emt conduit is pretty light), but just in case the SassCat tries to climb the curtains or something…
I think my curtains look fantastic. Even if you are a total grouch and hate turquoise curtains and doing things yourself, I think you’ll agree that the savings were fantastic.
DIY Cost breakdown:
Sheets (2): $10 at Walmart
Hardware (conduit, brackets, screws, clip rings, conduit straps, nuts, bolts): $21 at Lowe’s & Ace Westlake Hardware
Materials for the Finials: $5 at Blick (I did have a gift card)
= $36
If I’d Gone to Target Cost Breakdown:
Curtain Rod: $21.69
2 Panel Curtains: $40
= $61.69

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