Dip Dyed Stuff

Lately, I’ve been really liking the dip dyed trend. I know it’s not new, but up until now, I hadn’t found a way to incorporate it into my decor.

I really like these dip dyed mason jars (because everything crafty involves mason jars, right?) by the Beauty Department:Image

But I don’t have any mason jars (should have accepted my old roommate’s offer – we had a ton we used as glasses) and I don’t really need to organize my bathroom countertop. I keep as much of my stuff as possible hidden in drawers, partly because I like a bare countertop and party to keep it away from the SassCat. Many decorating decisions are influenced by the SassCat.

I also love the idea of dip dying table legs, like this DesignSponge post. Here’s an “after” shot, for the full makeover, click through to DesignSponge.


Sadly, I don’t have any end tables to makeover. And nowhere to spray paint things. 😦

So how is a girl to get her dip dye fix?

Well, that’s for the next post!

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