From clear glass to glam

Dip dye time!

Here’s what I started with. Square glass container/vase. It came with a flower arrangement. I’ve been using it to hold miscellaneous stuff on my kitchen counter (soy sauce packets from Chinese takeout, beer caps waiting to become magnets, hot chocolate packets, etc).

First coat of acrylic paint. Clearly, it’s going to take a few more.

I taped it off with masking tape (I didn’t have any painter’s tape) and started on the blue “dip dye.”

And the final product….

7 thoughts on “From clear glass to glam

    • I thought about leaving a stripe of clear glass in between the silver and blue, but then I felt like it wouldn’t have the dip dye effect anymore. I suppose you could lay down a “stripe” of masking tape before doing any layers of paint, perhaps one that would intersect both colors? And take that off last, so you do have some glass showing? Or maybe not take the silver all the way to the top of the container?

  1. Ooh, that one is def a good one. I think I will try it. 🙂 And, I like the strip-of-clear-glass-showing-idea.

    • Spray paint would have been so much faster. Unfortunately, in my apartment there really isn’t anywhere to spray paint. Silly security deposit!

      • Good plan not to spray paint then! ha ha – I really love the painted glass and I have a couple of more projects I want to do. Anyway, enjoyed your blog! take care

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