End Table in Progress

Sigh. Turns out painting an end table is a bit more work than I expected. Here’s the table in all its pre-painted glory.

I did a quick once-over with some fine grit sandpaper and then primed the table today.

I felt pretty relieved after I primed it. I had been having last minute second thoughts of “Oh no, what am I doing? Am I about to ruin this end table? It has such good bones.” But priming it allowed me to visualize what it will look like once I paint it white. I think it will be cute.

So the plan is white with a green top, green dip-dyed legs (who knew that was coming? lol), and the inside of the drawer will be green. Theoretically, the green will match the curtains in my bedroom, but….

You guys, I just don’t know about that shade of green. I matched the paint chip to my curtains…but this seems so…fluorescent? neon?

I’m hoping once I paint the rest white and put it in my room it will look right.

One thought on “End Table in Progress

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