Unexpected Wall Colors – Turquoise

You guys, I am totally digging this turquoise wall.Image

(image source: apartment therapy)

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I think it makes the office space pictured just feel happier.

I would love to paint an accent wall in my apartment, but don’t really think it’s worth the expense and effort when I’d have to repaint tan (“latte”) over it in a year.

But wouldn’t it be so relaxing to have a wall like this in your bedroom?


(image source: house of turquoise)

Taking a second look at these photos, it occurs to me that I’ve probably gotten as close to this look as I will in my current apartment with my curtain project. When the sun shines through them during the day, they have this fabulous glowing turquoise sheerness that I LOVE.

You know, I might love curtains as much as I love throw pillows and decorative vases…

Anyway. Stripes. I flip flop when it comes to stripes. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. Probably not a good idea to ever use stripes in my house, but I like this room. I think stripes can look really polished if you use them the right way (and in small doses).


(image source: organized-design)

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