Confession: I bought a throw pillow

I know, I know. I’m obsessed with throw pillows. But it’s really cute! And it was on clearance!


See the festive stripes? Those green ones match the curtains.

When I moved into my apartment, I focused most of my decorating on the living room because people see that the most. Then I got the SassCat and just got swept up in life. But I’ve slowly been refocusing on decorating the bedroom. It’s a gradual work in progress.

I moved in with a full size bed and a twin duvet cover. My curtains matched the twin duvet cover. After about half a year I broke down and bought a full comforter (crazy cheap on Bed Bath & Beyond clearance). But then the curtains didn’t match. My mom made me the curtains and they are lovely, so I didn’t want to get rid of them. Therefore, I went on a quest to incorporate more green accent colors into the bedroom. Hence, the dip dyed green legs on the nightstand (which is almost done!).

So when I saw this throw pillow, with all the colors of my bedroom…on sale for $10 at Target…

I caved. Hello pretty.

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