And then I made an owl mug

I think we all knew this was coming. Really, once I bought the porcelain paint pen for the wedding gift, it was inevitable that I would make myself an owl mug.

owl mug


Breakfast today was freshly ground coffee in my owl mug and a mini apple pie! (Pie blog post coming soon – it’s been a while since I did a baking post!)

owl mug and pie


Seriously, it just makes me smile every time I look at my new mug.

Cost breakdown – the mug was $3 or $4 at Target and the paint pen was around $6 at Blick, but originally purchased for the wedding gift. So I would say it was around a $7 project total, dividing the cost of the paint pen between this and the other project. For comparison’s sake, this cute owl mug from ModCloth is $15, plus shipping.

Three cheers for budget friendly projects! And mine says “hoot” on it, which is just frankly adorable in my opinion.

Check out my DIY Wedding Gift post for more info about using the paint pen.

One thought on “And then I made an owl mug

  1. You could hook up with a grade school and make holiday gift mugs for the teachers from the kids. Parents would love it. Teachers probably already have too many mugs, but yours would be the cutest.

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