Home Decor Obsession

So you’d think that Erin would have learned…don’t take me in furniture/decor stores…

Unsurprisingly, I spazzed and ran around going “I love this!” “I want this!” “This throw pillow is so cute!” “Look at this bookshelf arrangement!”

I snapped a few photos to share with you all.



I love this dresser/side table. Guess what I love most? That’s right – the color!

We also found these cute vases on a bookshelf and thought they would make a fun (super cheap/easy) diy! Just get some colored cord, wrap it around a glass bottle a few times and tie in a knot. Done!

vase on bookshelf


You guys know I love a good throw pillow…I photographed these because they’re something I could totally make myself with a sewing machine and some felt (in a different color, of course!)


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