Maybe I’m Too Practical

I love things that are pretty. I love things that look nice. But most of all, I want things to make sense and be useful. Form vs. function is a constant battle for me.

I want my practical things to be cute. I got adorable new kitchen towels for Christmas, and a knife and cutting board that match my kitchen color scheme. I like that. Cute and functional.

So I saw this post on Pinterest captioned “pet corner, my future house will have this!”

pet corner

And I thought, “That’s cute, but…” Your pets will never use that corner! Sure they’ll go over there to eat because that’s where you’re putting their food, but they’re still going to try to get up on the couch and lay with you. Your pets want to be WITH YOU. Not in some corner of the house out of the way. Maybe they’ll sleep on those dog beds, but in my experience with dogs, they’ll choose a couch over a dog bed any day. Especially if their person is on that couch.

My cat practically scoffed at me when I tried to put her scratcher in an out of the way corner. Oh no. She only uses it if it’s in the middle of the floor or next to my bed. And speaking of beds…that cute cat bed I bought her? Nope, never uses it. Because she’d rather be curled up on the couch next to me. Which is where she is right now.

Frankly, I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that, because of the pets I want in my life, I’ll never have a picture-perfect, designer home. And I’m okay with that.


One thought on “Maybe I’m Too Practical

  1. There’s two couches, if I imagine my two dogs eating out of the same bowl, I’m thinking growls, barks and fighting… Lol. Cute, but slobbering water all over the carpet…? I don’t know man, it looks fantastic and fashionable, but not very realistic, like you say!

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