What’s your decorating style?

Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to take quizzes online that tell me fun things like “What breed of dog is best for you?” or “What’s your decorating style?”

Now that I’ve revealed what a huge nerd I am, let’s talk about decorating styles. I just took three different “what’s your decorating style” quizzes from three different websites, and the one I felt hit the mark the best was from RealSimple. Fair warning, they make you keep track of your answers and tally the results yourself, like you’re taking a quiz in Cosmo or something. I thought the benefit of online quizzes was that the computer tallies your results for you, but whatever.

Go take the quiz, it’s pretty fun, but let’s talk about the results. You’re going to get 1 of four styles: Sophisticated Classic, Modern Graphic, Cozy Casual, or Vintage Eclectic. Then they show you a sample room of each and give you suggestions of where to shop for each look.

My top two results were Sophisticated Classic and Modern Graphic. I’d say those are pretty close to what I am drawn to.


Sophisticated Classic

Modern Graphic

Modern Graphic

I like the color scheme in the first one, but the big bold art above the couch in the second really draws me in. I think I like the second couch better, too.

Aaaand I just clicked on a link that says West Elm is having a sale, so this blog post is over.

Oh and PS – I saw the cutest decorative vase at Target today. Eee!

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