I’ve been slacking. And then I read this:

If you want to be a copywriter – or just a writer – I think the best preparation is just to write. Every day. As much as you can. I write a lot as a digital marketer, but certainly not the same kind of writing I do as a copywriter or a personal essayist. And the writing I want to do as a storyteller requires practice. So I try to write that way every day. And I recommend that to anyone who wants to follow the same career path. It requires practice and it requires diligence and, if you want to make it a business, it requires commitment. So, the best way to prepare for a career in this field is to commit yourself right now. Write even if no one is paying you yet. Write even if no one is yet reading. They will.

-Interview with Jenna Britton on The EveryGirl

Technically, I already am a copywriter. But, my work writing is very focused on one thing and one style. I think it would behoove me to continue exercising my skills with other styles of writing. Part of that will be through this blog.

So get ready. There will be more baking posts, more craft posts, and more home decor posts, along with a few shared stories of my successes and failures navigating this new city I live in.

Because yeah, I moved across the country. Back in the heart of it all now.

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