First Week in the New Apartment

I moved again. That’s right, I left my gorgeous gourmet kitchen and free garage behind. Why you ask?


And it is glorious, my friends. When you upgrade to central air after a year of two window units–one of which whose cooling prowess had become quite suspect this summer–your life is immediately better. The tradeoff is, your counter tops and kitchen cabinets are not as pretty. Alas. Oh and there are less of said cabinets. EEK.

I learned three very important lessons during this move.

1. Be very nice to men with large vehicles and/or large arms. This makes moving much faster and more delightful for you.

2. Everything I own goes in the kitchen. Okay, this is a slight exaggeration, but while I was unpacking, it honestly seemed like every box except “purses and shoes” was labeled “kitchen.”

3. Apartments filled with my delicate girly furniture are actually much more spacious than they seemed when occupied by a bachelor with large, over-stuffed furniture and weight equipment. The apartment is actually larger than it seemed when I toured and the previous tenant’s stuff was in it. So that was a nice surprise.

I have had to get very creative with kitchen storage. So one of the cube bookshelves is now in the kitchen masquerading (poorly) as built-in shelving and I acquired a “bar cart.” Stay tuned for when that gets spray painted 🙂 Oh and don’t tell anyone, but the bottom green fabric drawer is actually full of toiletries that don’t fit in the bathroom…

kitchen and shleves

I also spent a good hour readjusting the shelves in all the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are insanely tall. I consider myself a fairly tall person, but I can’t reach the top shelves in any of them. The shelves rest on those little plastic peg brackets, which are adjustable. So I moved them all down to precisely fit what I was putting on each shelf and make all the shelves as low as possible. And I still need a step stool.

It’s coming along though.

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