DIY Lamp Part Two

I finally finished my bedroom overhead lamp project.

After determining that my clearance West Elm shade fit and looked good, I took the lamp shade down again and started making very faint pencil marks on the shade where I wanted to tape off some lines.



You can see the lampshade that inspired my design in the background of the second photo. I used artists tape, not painters tape, mostly because I already had it left over from a diy wall art project but also because it’s easier to find in smaller widths. However,  it doesn’t seal as well, so you do get some paint bleeding under the tape edges. I was okay with that because I wanted a less precise,  almost watercolor-esque design.


I did not measure the diagonal tape strips. If you want this even, you definitely should.

And then I painted. And painted. And muttered evil things about large lampshades.

Until I ended up with this!


Things to note: the silver paint is fairly opaque, so the shade doesn’t let as much light through as it did before I painted it.  Light still comes through at the top and bottom and through the parts that were taped off. I have two other lamps in this room, so it’s not an issue for me. Just don’t paint your entire lampshade black and then wonder why your room is suddenly so dim.

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