I live in Omaha

This is my favorite post from the IliveinOmaha site:
I live in Omaha because there are a lot of desserts and chocolates around.

Why do I live in Omaha?  Because that’s where Creighton is, duh!  And you know what, its starting to grow on me.

Things I like about Omaha:
1.  The Zoo!
2.  Walking across the pedestrian bridge.
3.  The people.
4.  The million trillion restaurant choices!
5.  Coffee shops.  The Old Market in general.
6.  Ted n’ Wally’s

Got what it takes to be a reporter? …No.

I’m taking news reporting this semester.  Its a requirement for my major, graphic design, and it counts as a certified writing class, which is required for The Core (dun dun).  Anyway, in chapter two, there is a quiz you’re supposed to take, called ‘Got what it takes to be a reporter?’  While this does not sound nearly as fun as fluff magazine quizzes (ex:  ‘Is your BFF really on your side?’ ‘What’s your seduction style?’ lol), I took it anyway.

Here are the possible results:

30 points:  Congratulations!  You were destined to be a journalist.  (Or else you lied, which is a heinous things for a reporter to do).

25-30 points:  You’re a solid contender for a successful journalism career.  You’ve got the personality and ability a good reporter needs.

20-25 points:  Journalism is a good fit for you, mostly–but it may require you to change your attitude or improve some skills.

Less than 20 points:  Think we’re grading too harshly?  Well, there’s a good chance you just won’t be happy working in a newsroom.

Anyone want to know how many points I got?  …18.

Hah.  Thank you quiz for telling me what I already knew.

I’m “allergic” to wi-fi

I’d like to start this post off with a little mini-rant: I AM THOROUGHLY EXASPERATED WITH BEING TOLD I HAVE THE SWINE FLU! I DO NOT HAVE SWINE FLU!

Okay, now back to our regular programming.

While trying to google something my dad very cryptically told me to google, I came across this news article that I’m sure is not what he was trying to show me.

Apparently some folks in Santa Fe have decided they are “allergic” to wireless Internet fields. Symptoms include “chest pains.” They are trying to get wi-fi banned in the city, citing the American Disabilities Act.

Really? Really? You expect me to believe you are “extra-sensitive” to electric fields? You should probably go ahead and try to get cell phones banned, too.


Who Doesn’t Like Extra Credit?

And this blog post will be about J-Schools Play Catchup from the New York Times.

Essentially, the article is about how journalism departments are changing to adapt to the way journalism is changing in the face of the rising web presence today. And fittingly enough, I read this article online, instead of in a newspaper. Which is a nice real life example of how the web is changing journalism.

It seems like the main change going through the journalism schools mentioned is that they are broadening their subject matter. Journalism students are learning more about the web, learning more about video, gaining more skills. “All media becomes one,” says Jeff Jarvis. And it does. Everything ends up on the web, where everyone can find it. And with that, journalism is becoming more universal.