Gingerbread House Decorating Party

gingerbread houses

Alternate title: The Return of Craft Day.

My coworker hardcore mocked me for this today, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I like to host craft days. Yes, I’m twenty-something years old; yes, I have friends; yes, I like to go out…but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from constantly going out, spending money on dinner/drinks/appetizers, and not really having anything to show for it other than a Facebook check-in and maybe a picture of your dinner. It’s nice to sit down at someone’s house/apartment, have a few drinks with friends, and make something. Plus, I like themed activities.

Past craft days have included terrarium building (epic fail) and snow globe making (much more successful). This winter, I decided on gingerbread house decorating.

building gingerbread houses

gingerbread house decorating

We used graham crackers instead of actual gingerbread. This is:

1. Because I didn’t want to buy 10 gingerbread house kits, and

2. Because I think it encourages creativity when you’re not forced into one specific house shape.

I used this royal icing recipe, which didn’t dry as quickly as I was hoping, but when it did dry, it dried like cement. These gingerbread houses are not coming apart any time soon.

eggnog martinis

Going along with the winter theme, eggnog martinis and winter beers were served. I asked everyone to either bring a seasonal beverage or a bag of candy to decorate the houses with. We ended up with a plethora of candy to choose from and some very festive gingerbread houses.

gingerbread houses

gingerbread house

And yes, I created a “gingerbread house gallery wall” for inspiration and decoration.


Craft days are the best days. You heard it here first.

First Week in the New Apartment

I moved again. That’s right, I left my gorgeous gourmet kitchen and free garage behind. Why you ask?


And it is glorious, my friends. When you upgrade to central air after a year of two window units–one of which whose cooling prowess had become quite suspect this summer–your life is immediately better. The tradeoff is, your counter tops and kitchen cabinets are not as pretty. Alas. Oh and there are less of said cabinets. EEK.

I learned three very important lessons during this move.

1. Be very nice to men with large vehicles and/or large arms. This makes moving much faster and more delightful for you.

2. Everything I own goes in the kitchen. Okay, this is a slight exaggeration, but while I was unpacking, it honestly seemed like every box except “purses and shoes” was labeled “kitchen.”

3. Apartments filled with my delicate girly furniture are actually much more spacious than they seemed when occupied by a bachelor with large, over-stuffed furniture and weight equipment. The apartment is actually larger than it seemed when I toured and the previous tenant’s stuff was in it. So that was a nice surprise.

I have had to get very creative with kitchen storage. So one of the cube bookshelves is now in the kitchen masquerading (poorly) as built-in shelving and I acquired a “bar cart.” Stay tuned for when that gets spray painted 🙂 Oh and don’t tell anyone, but the bottom green fabric drawer is actually full of toiletries that don’t fit in the bathroom…

kitchen and shleves

I also spent a good hour readjusting the shelves in all the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are insanely tall. I consider myself a fairly tall person, but I can’t reach the top shelves in any of them. The shelves rest on those little plastic peg brackets, which are adjustable. So I moved them all down to precisely fit what I was putting on each shelf and make all the shelves as low as possible. And I still need a step stool.

It’s coming along though.

New Apartment: First Glimpse

Everyone can breathe easy, this will not be another post detailing my lack of closet space. But it is about my new apartment!

Here, in all its square, tiny instagrammed glory is my living room!

living room instagram










I am pretty sure I broke most of these rug rules, but area rugs are expensive and I’m young and transitory and not quite ready to invest in rugs. However, I carefully cropped this photo so that you can’t tell I broke all the rug rules! Yay instagram 🙂

Shall we play “Something Old, Something New?” (It’s a new game I just invented for my own entertainment.)

Something Old*

  • Couch
  • Coffee Table
  • Papazan Chair
  • Cube Shelves
  • Lamp
  • Solid Curtains

Something New

  • Rug
  • Desk
  • Ikat curtains

Something Old & New (a bonus round!)

  • The chair in front of the desk is actually the 4th chair to my dining room table (pushed up against 1 wall because I never have people over for formal dinners), and it is “slip-covered” in my old shower curtain. At some point, I intend to buy cute fabric and make a more legitimate slipcover, but I’m actually really liking the look of this right now. So, not a new piece of furniture, but a new use for some old pieces.

Most of the decorative accent piece type stuff I already had, too. After packing it all, moving it here, and unpacking everything, I’ve come to realize I’m a total hoarder and I need to stop buying decorative things. Especially since there are many more cities I want to live in, and therefore, many more moves ahead of me.

What’s the SassCat’s verdict on the rug?

cat on rug










Something new to shed on…purrrfect.”

I have some craft projects in mind for some new wall decor, so stay tuned!

*By old I just mean, owned prior to this apartment.

Road Trip With The SassCat

Moving has been…an experience for my cat. When I first started packing up my apartment in Omaha, she was upset. She knew something was going on, but she didn’t know what. Naturally she coped by hiding under the bed a lot. Then she moved to the next stage, joy at all the cardboard boxes she got to jump in and sit on. That was a good stage.

THEN came the car ride. She cried so much at the very beginning of the trip. An endless series of sad, pitiful meows fell on deaf ears, in her opinion. Trapped inside her carrier in the backseat, she was angry, confused and scared. We stopped for lunch and I opened her carrier (inside the car, of course) so she could stretch her legs, unsure if she would actually come out.

cat in carrier in car

After much half-in, half-out deliberation on her part, she ventured out of the carrier…and immediately shot underneath the driver’s seat. I lured her out of there…and she squirmed right under the passenger’s seat. And refused to come out. I didn’t want to be driving with her loose in the car, so I eventually had to haul her out of there and put her back in the carrier, much to her great displeasure.

My mom took over driving later, and I sat in the backseat and held Sneakers in my lap. Turns out she quite enjoys car rides when she’s not stuck in the carrier. She loved looking out the window! She ate and drank in the car, and even got brave enough to use the litter box in the moving car.

cat looking out rear car window