Painting Adventures

I’ve said before that I’m not much of an artist. But I enjoy artistic activities. So when my bestie planned a visit from Colorado, I suggested a painting activity. There are a few places in town here where you can go to a sort of guided painting session where everyone paints a specific picture inspired by a famous piece of art (Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Georgia O’ Keefe or something). The instructor gives you some tips on painting technique, you pick out your colors, and you get painting. To spice things up, adult beverages are available!

We went to “Mimosas and Monet.” The painting for that session was a Claude Monet inspired painting of irises.

It was really fun! The instructor talked a little bit about impressionism, gave us some tips, and then turned us loose. And, our first mimosas were free!

diy Monet irises

I’m definitely not going to be winning any awards for my painting (those do not look like irises!), but I’m really glad we went. It reminded me how much I enjoy painting and making art for my apartment. So now I’m scouring Pinterest for other diy art projects. My kitchen needs something.


What’s your decorating style?

Sometimes when I’m bored, I like to take quizzes online that tell me fun things like “What breed of dog is best for you?” or “What’s your decorating style?”

Now that I’ve revealed what a huge nerd I am, let’s talk about decorating styles. I just took three different “what’s your decorating style” quizzes from three different websites, and the one I felt hit the mark the best was from RealSimple. Fair warning, they make you keep track of your answers and tally the results yourself, like you’re taking a quiz in Cosmo or something. I thought the benefit of online quizzes was that the computer tallies your results for you, but whatever.

Go take the quiz, it’s pretty fun, but let’s talk about the results. You’re going to get 1 of four styles: Sophisticated Classic, Modern Graphic, Cozy Casual, or Vintage Eclectic. Then they show you a sample room of each and give you suggestions of where to shop for each look.

My top two results were Sophisticated Classic and Modern Graphic. I’d say those are pretty close to what I am drawn to.


Sophisticated Classic

Modern Graphic

Modern Graphic

I like the color scheme in the first one, but the big bold art above the couch in the second really draws me in. I think I like the second couch better, too.

Aaaand I just clicked on a link that says West Elm is having a sale, so this blog post is over.

Oh and PS – I saw the cutest decorative vase at Target today. Eee!

Home Decor Obsession

So you’d think that Erin would have learned…don’t take me in furniture/decor stores…

Unsurprisingly, I spazzed and ran around going “I love this!” “I want this!” “This throw pillow is so cute!” “Look at this bookshelf arrangement!”

I snapped a few photos to share with you all.



I love this dresser/side table. Guess what I love most? That’s right – the color!

We also found these cute vases on a bookshelf and thought they would make a fun (super cheap/easy) diy! Just get some colored cord, wrap it around a glass bottle a few times and tie in a knot. Done!

vase on bookshelf


You guys know I love a good throw pillow…I photographed these because they’re something I could totally make myself with a sewing machine and some felt (in a different color, of course!)


Sunday Pinterest Inspiration 9/16

Another installment of things I’ve been loving on Pinterest for the past week…This week’s theme – Inspirational Quotes. Click on a photo for the original source.

Book a ticket and just leave

I love traveling, but I can always think of a million reasons to stop myself from going. (I have to work, I have no money, who will watch my cat, etc.) I think it’s important to see different places, meet different people, and have new experiences. Wish I could go more places… I did just book a MegaBus (it’s like taking a Greyhound – I’m so cheap ha) ticket to Chicago to see some friends!

Continuing with the travel theme…I know a few people I think this sign would be perfect for…



If I had any type of nautical theme going with my decor…this print would already be hanging on my wall:

work like a captain, play like a pirate


Lastly, if this poster design were available to buy as a print, it would definitely be on my wall. I love the quote, I love the design, I want it. Grrr.

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations

Here’s to strange adventures!


Geometric Wall Art DIY

geometric wall art by

I don’t necessarily consider myself artistic. Creative, yes. Crafty, yes. But artistic? I feel like that falls more into the realm of fine arts. People who are really good at drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, etc. I’m none of those things.

Then I stumbled across this wall art project from The New Domestic. It’s a painting in that it involves putting paint on a canvas, but you don’t need any technical training or skill to do it. My kind of painting!┬áPlus, I’ve been wanting something big to put above my couch for a while, and the bold, graphic simplicity of this piece really appealed to me.

You can see my piece above, and here’s the step by step.

1. Figure out what size you want it, and buy a canvas. I could have gone a little larger, but I was nervous about tackling such a large project and hey, canvas is expensive!

2. Select your paint colors. Do you know how hard it is to pick out a good accent color at Hobby Lobby by yourself? I needed a second opinion! In the end, I love the pop of metallic that the gold gives, but I stood there and debated for a good ten minutes. I used acrylic paint, ps.

3. Painter’s tape. I used 3/8″ width, but the original posters used 1/4″ width. It just looked so skinny when I was picking out tape! Note: I couldn’t find painter’s tape in that skinny of a width, so I used artist tape that I found at Blick. There was definitely some bleeding, so I recommend really trying to find painter’s tape.

4. You’ll need some brushes. I’m going to assume you already have those. I used a bigger brush (like hardware store vs art store) for the large purple sections and a small craft brush for the smaller sections.

5. Figure out your pattern, so to speak. I drew a rectangle and tried out a bunch of criss-crossing line variations until I liked one, then I played around a bit with what sections would be the accent color. Over at The New Domestic, they used Photoshop for this step, but I’m low budget.

draw out patter


6. Tape out your lines. I also marked each accent section with a gold dot.


7. Now we’re getting to the fun stuff. PAINT! Don’t go too crazy, though. With such skinny tape it’s easy to overlap into a section that is supposed to be a different color.

in progress painting


Looks like a bit of a mess, doesn’t it? Once you take the tape off, though, it’s awesome.

painting above couch

I should mention that I have a dark purple dish chair on the other side of the room. And a few other purple accents throughout. I am thinking about replacing one of the turquoise pillows on the couch with a dark purple one, though. Always looking for an excuse to buy another throw pillow!