Sunday Pinterest Inspiration 9/16

Another installment of things I’ve been loving on Pinterest for the past week…This week’s theme – Inspirational Quotes. Click on a photo for the original source.

Book a ticket and just leave

I love traveling, but I can always think of a million reasons to stop myself from going. (I have to work, I have no money, who will watch my cat, etc.) I think it’s important to see different places, meet different people, and have new experiences. Wish I could go more places… I did just book a MegaBus (it’s like taking a Greyhound – I’m so cheap ha) ticket to Chicago to see some friends!

Continuing with the travel theme…I know a few people I think this sign would be perfect for…



If I had any type of nautical theme going with my decor…this print would already be hanging on my wall:

work like a captain, play like a pirate


Lastly, if this poster design were available to buy as a print, it would definitely be on my wall. I love the quote, I love the design, I want it. Grrr.

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations

Here’s to strange adventures!


Over the hills and through the woods

Occasionally, I like to post travel pics, to prove to you that I don’t just sit in my apartment thinking about crafts all the time.

I only do that 50% of the time.

The other 50% of the time I’m thinking about puppies.

Earlier in August, I went to New Hampshire for family reunion. Two flights and a four hour drive. Yay. But I woke up to this view every morning, so I suppose it was worth it.

new hampshire


My sister and I were sleeping in a screened-in, second floor porch. There were no window panes or curtains. So essentially…we were camping. But the view was worth it. Also, I like camping. She doesn’t.

The state motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free or Die.” It’s never been changed since they became a state and they take it seriously. They guard their property very intensely, with dogs and guns and “No Trespassing” signs and barbed wire. It should probably be mentioned at this point that we were staying in a small town in the middle of nowhere. As we were driving up and down gravel roads, trying to find the house we were renting, we kept seeing these signs.


This prompted a lot of jokes about what “bear dogs” might look like and why you can’t trespass with them. Later my sister and I looked at the signs up close and in the small print it says “Black Bear Conservation Society.” I googled bear dogs when we got home. They are a real breed that hunts bears. I think they’re super cute, but they sound pretty mean to be honest.

I got that image off google, we didn’t actually see any bear dogs while we were there. And it wasn’t winter, ha. We did see a black bear, though!


Bear photo taken from the screened in porch around 6 am. Black bear in the backyard, no big deal.

And I’ll leave you with one last scenic shot.


Down the Rabbit Hole

This past weekend, I was out in Colorado visiting my bestie for her birthday weekend. This makes me sound like an awesome friend, but really she bought my plane ticket, so she is the awesome friend.

I won’t divulge all our shenanigans, but I wanted to share a little bit about the food tour we went on in downtown Colorado Springs. We visited six different local “food destinations.” One was a spice shop, so you can’t really call them all restaurants. The most interesting/unusual thing we ate, in my opinion, was at a restaurant called The Rabbit Hole.

The entrance to the restaurant looked like an old subway entrance and was perfectly fitting for a place called The Rabbit Hole. You walked down into dimly lit, exposed brick, awesome-ness.

At each restaurant, the manager/chef selected the dish they felt best represented their eatery or was what they were really known for.

Rabbit meatloaf wrapped in bacon, garnished with a carrot. That’s right, I said rabbit. We ate Thumper.

And you know what? It was pretty good.

They also offer, although we didn’t try it, fried “bunny bites” with mixed berry honey mustard. I’m guessing they’re like chicken nuggets? But rabbit?

If you’re planning a trip to Colorado anytime soon, here’s the food tour website.

What do you guys think? Would you eat rabbit?

Surprising Revelations About the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade


1.  This is a classy parade.

The audience may be crazy and drunk, but if you’re in the parade, you better have your act together. The Parade Formation Committee will get you if you don’t.

2.  They have a committee for everything.

Parade Formation, March, Reviewing Stand, Judges, etc.

3.  Parade members have a dress code.

NO jeans, sneakers, beads, stickers on your face, and you definitely may NOT decorate your child’s strollers.

4.  It’s fun! Your feet hurt by the end, but it’s fun!

Belated travel documentation

I’ve been slacking. This blog is supposed to be about my trips, the trials and tribulations of figuring out where I want to end up, and life in general. Instead…well, I just haven’t posted. So here’s a little catch-up post.

August – I visited Erin in Colorado. It was awesome.

September – Becca and I went to see Betsy at the South Dakota State fair. It was awesome.

Okay, done!

Just kidding.

When I visited in August, Erin and Matt took me on a lovely hike (see photo above). The weather was gorgeous – sunny but not too hot, and the mountains were rocky, as mountains should be. It felt to me like it had been forever since Erin and I had hung out (a mere two months, in actuality), so seeing her was a high point. Erin came to visit me in Omaha this month (she drew the short straw in destinations, right?), and it was just like old times.











We found an O! that we hadn’t found last summer on our quest and some refrigerator art from the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD). It’s part of their refrigerator recycling program and designed to promote energy efficiency awareness.

While at the South Dakota State Fair, Becca and I were lucky enough to taste the culinary delicacy that is…deep-fat-fried Nutter Butter.



Try to contain your jealousy. Actually, it was pretty delicious. I would rank it above the deep-fat-fried s’mores and milky ways.

What a like most about the fair (besides seeing Betsy and her family), is what a complete break from reality it is. For the weekend I barely check my phone, I don’t check my email, or Facebook, or Twitter and I just focus on the moment. You can be anyone at the fair, because no one knows you (last year we convinced some guy my name was Payton), and you can eat whatever you want, do whatever you want. Plus, there are tons of baby animals to “oooooh” over.