food diaries?

Oh fail!  I haven’t posted in a while!  Sorry cyberspace.

Anyway, I was reading this article on from the NY Times.  Its about this new trend of photographing your food and then posting it online in a blog or on Flickr.  Sort of like a diary of what you eat.

It strikes me as an interesting way of revealing a part of you.  Food really is kind of central to who you are.  Take for example, ethnic foods, or traditional holiday meals.  Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without turkey, and among my family, holidays really aren’t complete without Slovenian sausage.  Its just tradition and those foods are central to that tradition.  What you eat can reveal some interesting things about you.

My roommate refuses to eat yogurt.  Part of its a texture thing, and part of it is something to do with it reminding her of something disgusting about cows that I don’t really understand, but she does, and she does because she grew up on a dairy farm.  So that’s something that food reveals about her.

I loooove Slovenian sausage, because my grandparents were both 100% Slovenian and I grew up eating that everytime we went to their house for holidays.  Its partly the flavor and partly the memories that make my happy everytime I eat sausage.  And that shows something about me.

But back to the article.  Would you photograph everything you eat and then post it online for the whole world to see?  I think I might be nervous about what they’d figure out about me, ha!

Oh wait…everyone already knows about my coffee dependency.