Bookshelf caves: The new Blanket-and-chair Tent

Reviewing my class syllabus, I noted that I am supposed to make some of these posts about “design” and “convergence.” So my best friend Google and I had some bonding time today and I found some sweet links to share.

The first is the Bookshelf Cave. Now, its pretty pricey, but I guess you have to pay to be able to have the privacy this bookshelf/chair claims to award you. Basically, I want one. Not because I think that “In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciously or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them,” as the designer claims, but mostly because I think it would be freaking cool to sit in the bookshelf while you read.

The designer, Sakura Adachi makes one for pets, too, in case you were wondering.

I realize that has nothing to do with news media and mass communication design, but I found links to that crazy bookcase on several different blogs, so doesn’t that kind of speak to the spread of information across the web and, dare I say it, convergence? Because if I was listening correctly in one of my three classes in room 204, “it all comes down to the web.”