Why You’ll Never See A Cooking Post From Me

I play to my strengths, guys. Baking? Yes. Cooking? No.

This is how I made lunch today. I took some thawed chicken and cut it into chunks. Not even the same size chunks. I was in my post-zumba endorphin high, not paying much attention. “La la…I’m cutting chicken…” Yeah, that was me.

As I was cutting the chicken into arbitrary-sized chunks, I moved it into a dish that had some Bakers/Kroger brand teriyaki marinade in it. When I was done, I stuck that in the fridge and went to wash my face. Because yeah, I put a face mask on before cutting the chicken. I like to multi-task.

The chicken got to marinade for the entire, oh-so-long time I was washing and drying my face. And then I started cooking it. By cooking it, I mean I pushed it around in a pan on the stove until it looked done.

Then I microwaved some frozen mixed vegetables, put the chicken in with them. And ate it.

Oh, first I took this sweet instagram photo to make it look cooler than it was. Ta da.

I considered adding some rice, but I didn’t have any more of those Uncle Ben’s instant rice things that you microwave for 90 seconds and I was too hungry to actually make rice.

So that’s the sad tale of how I cook.

BUT. On a baking note. My friend canned a bunch of apple pie filling (!!!!) and gave me a jar. She says it’s not enough to make a whole pie, so I’m thinking MINI APPLE PIES. With wonton wrappers and muffin tins. I’ll keep you posted.