Kitchen Wall Art DIY

My snow day craft project is finally done, and the snow is melting. Which is convenient, because I needed somewhere to put the canvas while I waited for the acrylic sealer to dry/air out, and I certainly couldn’t use a snow-covered patio!


The finished project:


kitchen wall art

My inspiration was this (much better) two canvas piece from Kelly Hicks Design. For some reason, my paint always bleeds underneath the painter’s tape. In this project, it’s probably because I was supposed to use spray paint, and I used regular acrylic paint.

My art supplies:


1) Paint whole canvas in a bunch of different colors (I used mainly blues and greens with a bit of raspberry and purple for accent colors.)

Here are some progress shots:

in progress

in progr 2
2) Cut strips of painter’s tape of the same size (This part is boring. Very boring.)
3) Tape them onto the canvas in a herringbone pattern leaving some out (I am apparently not very good with patterns, because I had to do the whole canvas herringbone and then peel a few off at the end, or I lost track of the pattern.)

with painters tape
4) Spray paint whole canvas in white. (You can try using acrylic paint like I did, but I’m not sure I’d recommend it.)
5) Finish painting edges of canvas


I hung it up in the kitchen, but I’m not sure I love it. I like the idea of it, but the messiness of where the paint bled under the tape, and some cracks that happened when I peeled the tape off are bugging me. I like having something above the sink, though, so I may make something else. Stay tuned!


“Put a bird on it” Autumn Wreath

I’ve kind of got an owl theme going on.

For the most part it stems from the fact that I put an embargo on cat-themed items when I got my cat. As a single girl with a cat, I had to put my foot down. I will not be a crazy cat lady. So people started giving me owl-themed items instead. And owls are adorable, so I’m okay with that.

Which brings me to this.

owl wreath

I LOVE fall. I love the smell and the crisp edge to the air. I delight in crunching leaves under my feet and picking apples with family or friends. Breaking out my sweaters, scarves, and boots makes me positively giddy. And don’t even get me started on the dessert. Nothing smells better than apple crisp in the oven, or trying out a new pumpkin recipe.

So to celebrate fall, I made a new wreath for my door. Wreathes are fun because you can really put whatever you want on them and make it very custom to you.

Step 1: Hit up the HobLobbs. This is my new gangster name for Hobby Lobby. Just go with it. My shopping list went something like this:

  • foam wreath form
  • glue gun (because my friend moved to Chicago and took mine with her!)
  • red, orange, brown felt
  • beads, feathers, stuff???

I already had the little owl guy, I bought him for my last wreath but he totally didn’t match. So he had to wait. You will also need some yarn, but I already had it from my spring/summer wreath.

Step 2. Wrap it up. I didn’t take any pictures of this part, because it’s mind-numbingly boring and the SassCat kept trying to eat my yarn and I didn’t have enough hands to wrap yarn, block her, and take photos. Basically, pop in a movie, or catch up on your Hulu queue, and wrap yarn around the wreath form until you can’t see foam anymore. So fun.

Step 3: Come up with a general idea of how stuff is going to fit on the wreath. I’m a fan of pre-planning, because I don’t do enough of it. For me, there was also a step that involved cutting leaf shapes out of felt, but that’s optional depending on what you want on your wreath.

Step 4: Glue! I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Here are the various materials I ended up with and some more shots of the wreath.

From clear glass to glam

Dip dye time!

Here’s what I started with. Square glass container/vase. It came with a flower arrangement. I’ve been using it to hold miscellaneous stuff on my kitchen counter (soy sauce packets from Chinese takeout, beer caps waiting to become magnets, hot chocolate packets, etc).

First coat of acrylic paint. Clearly, it’s going to take a few more.

I taped it off with masking tape (I didn’t have any painter’s tape) and started on the blue “dip dye.”

And the final product….

Glitter Shoe DIY (soles & heel)

Remember when I said most of my crafts are super girly? I submit to the court, Evidence #2. The glitter shoe diy craze is sweeping the interwebs (by interwebs I pretty much mean Pinterest and any girly-girl blog that exists) and anyone who knows me could probably guess it was only a matter of time until I succumbed. I love glitter.

I saw it first here, and then found a few more that I wanted to emulate.

For the first pair, I used a basic black pump with a chunky heel, and covered the heel in silver glitter. I wasn’t in love with the result (ie, you don’t get a picture). I did wear them to work today anyway, though.

Next I picked a pair of brown shoes with a skinnier heel and decided to glitter the sole. I love it. Haven’t worn them, yet, but I’m pretty excited about it.

The first photo below shows the shoes as they were drying. I taped off one shoe, to ensure clean edges. Didn’t quite work out the way I planned. The glue on the tape didn’t want to separate from the glue on the sole when I peeled the tape off…actually ended up being a little messier than if I’d just painted carefully.

And then there are a few different angles of the shoes.

Modular Felt Coasters + Felted Flower Wreath

I’m going to say it right now. Most of my craft projects are super girly.

You’ve been warned.

I found this modular felt coaster tutorial over on How About Orange.

The modern, graphic look of them really appealed to me, and I had a TON of felt leftover from making my spring/summer wreath. So I thought I’d try these coasters out. There is also a trivet version of the tutorial, which is what I really wanted to make, but I thought I should start small. I actually have no need for new coasters, due to a bad habit of snitching coasters from every bar/pub I visit. It’s like a scrapbook of places I’ve been.

Things I learned from my felt coaster project:

  1. Felt is surprisingly hard to slice?
  2. I really need to invest in new X-acto knife blades.

Here they are in action. They sit on my coffee table now, and I’ve corralled all the bar coasters into a pretty box that used to hold notecards. The box sits next to the pretty coasters, in case I should ever need more than two coasters at once.

And that’s a pint glass that I got for two dollars at a dive bar in the town I grew up in. You can’t get Yuengling in the Midwest (it’s only distributed to 13 or so states, pretty much all East Coast), but it’s a nice craft beer.


FYI, one sheet of felt makes two coasters.

And here’s a couple pics of the wreath I made (the original project this felt was for).