Gingerbread House Decorating Party

gingerbread houses

Alternate title: The Return of Craft Day.

My coworker hardcore mocked me for this today, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I like to host craft days. Yes, I’m twenty-something years old; yes, I have friends; yes, I like to go out…but sometimes it’s nice to take a break from constantly going out, spending money on dinner/drinks/appetizers, and not really having anything to show for it other than a Facebook check-in and maybe a picture of your dinner. It’s nice to sit down at someone’s house/apartment, have a few drinks with friends, and make something. Plus, I like themed activities.

Past craft days have included terrarium building (epic fail) and snow globe making (much more successful). This winter, I decided on gingerbread house decorating.

building gingerbread houses

gingerbread house decorating

We used graham crackers instead of actual gingerbread. This is:

1. Because I didn’t want to buy 10 gingerbread house kits, and

2. Because I think it encourages creativity when you’re not forced into one specific house shape.

I used this royal icing recipe, which didn’t dry as quickly as I was hoping, but when it did dry, it dried like cement. These gingerbread houses are not coming apart any time soon.

eggnog martinis

Going along with the winter theme, eggnog martinis and winter beers were served. I asked everyone to either bring a seasonal beverage or a bag of candy to decorate the houses with. We ended up with a plethora of candy to choose from and some very festive gingerbread houses.

gingerbread houses

gingerbread house

And yes, I created a “gingerbread house gallery wall” for inspiration and decoration.


Craft days are the best days. You heard it here first.

Painting Adventures

I’ve said before that I’m not much of an artist. But I enjoy artistic activities. So when my bestie planned a visit from Colorado, I suggested a painting activity. There are a few places in town here where you can go to a sort of guided painting session where everyone paints a specific picture inspired by a famous piece of art (Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Georgia O’ Keefe or something). The instructor gives you some tips on painting technique, you pick out your colors, and you get painting. To spice things up, adult beverages are available!

We went to “Mimosas and Monet.” The painting for that session was a Claude Monet inspired painting of irises.

It was really fun! The instructor talked a little bit about impressionism, gave us some tips, and then turned us loose. And, our first mimosas were free!

diy Monet irises

I’m definitely not going to be winning any awards for my painting (those do not look like irises!), but I’m really glad we went. It reminded me how much I enjoy painting and making art for my apartment. So now I’m scouring Pinterest for other diy art projects. My kitchen needs something.


End Table Revealed

Everyone remember this?

It finally became this: end table

Boom chicka wow wow, right? Okay, maybe that’s too much excitement for an end table. But I love it. The SassCat loves it, too.

I think she likes the sassy pop of green inside the drawer that matches the legs.

I’m on the fence about painting the knob green. I tried to remove the knob, but it’s an old table and I couldn’t get the knob unscrewed. So, leave it au natural or paint it green? Vote in the comments!

PS – My walls look sort of olive in some of those photos. They’re not. The middle pic (with SassCat) is more true to life.

Craft To-Do List

Does everyone else have one of these? A list of crafts they’re “totally going to get to…eventually.” I had a thought today – I should probably start making my fall wreath now, because the spring/summer wreath probably took me at least a month to make…maybe longer. Making all those felt flowers was a pain. And then I was like “Oh wait, I have that other project I was going to do..and I never finished that one…”

Bachelorette Party Crafts

As I mentioned in my black and pink table set challenge, I hosted a bachelorette party for my college roommate. I wanted to share a couple crafts with you. If you ever need cute (not skanky) bachelorette party ideas, these may help.

1. Bachelorette Bingo

You can download free & paid versions of this on various websites, but I decided to make my own, because I’m crafty like that. Oh and my printer has been out of ink for a year. I knew my friend would be embarrassed if I made these too dirty, so I went for a mix of cute n’ classy and funny-almost-dirty-if-you-say-it-in-a-scandalous-tone.

bachelorette bingo from

I simply used index cards to make the deck we would draw from to call words out – no pics, they weren’t that cute haha. I recommend candy hearts for bingo pieces.

2. Koozies

These were actually made by my super adorable friend Claire. She doesn’t have a blog as far as I know, but she probably should. Claire makes really pretty jewelry and apparently koozies, too! I’m sharing them with you because they’re an adorable idea and a great party favor. But just so you know, I’m not claiming I made them or came up with the idea. This was all Claire.


If anyone’s curious about where she got her materials, I think it was mostly Michael’s, but I’d have to check with her.

We also made mason jar margaritas (semi-successfully), but that’s for a future post!