athletic headshots

Creighton Basketball is pretty much the only sport I follow. So when our last Mass Comm project was making headshots for a Creighton sport of our choice, we all know what sport I picked. GOLF! Haha, just kidding. Basketball, of course.


Hello gorgeous. If you want to scroll through the rest of the headshots I made, you can check out my Mass Comm page, here. Right now the headshots are the only things up there, but the page will be updated as we continue with other class projects.

And I might be posting some works in progress screenshots of my computer illustration project soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Bill Frakes lectures at Creighton University

Yesterday, I attended a lecture by Bill Frakes and Laura Healde of Sports Illustrated and Straw Hat Visuals. It was at Creighton University (whoot!) in the Harper Center Auditorium.

I was pretty impressed by how full the lecture was, although a lot of people left before it was over (much to their chagrin, I’m sure, when they heard about the prizes afterward). A nice feather in Creighton’s cap, I suppose, in terms of publicity.

Bill and Laura didn’t really talk that much; it begs the question of how often they give these types of lectures, as they seemed a bit uncertain of how to proceed. The start of the lecture was a bit rocky, with some technical difficulties as well. They filled a lot of time with showing videos they produced and photos Bill Frakes took throughout his career with Sports Illustrated. I’m not complaining, they are two very gifted people who know exactly what they’re doing and I enjoyed watching their videos. Also, what they did say was very honest and fairly inspiring. The pace picked up a little when the audience started asking questions.

Oh and did I mention that I won the delightful photo-editing program Aperture? Yup. 🙂