cute stuff

I’m in the midst of a long-running cute animal link war with a friend, via iChat.  During some downtime today, I did some vigourous googling in search of ammo for my next instant message.  Since he foolishly admitted to me that red pandas are his favorite animals, I started with that.

Hello baby red panda:

And then I also found this blog:

I feel like I should be winning now.  😀

A group of otters is called a “romp”

My friend im’d me this link the other night, and a little part of me melted:
otter pic

I found it kind of ironic that he randomly im’d me that because just recently over break I went to the Cleveland natural history museum and spent a good deal of time making googoo eyes at the otter they have in the outside enclosures. Lucy and I are now great friends.

Does anyone else think otters are just completely adorable? I love watching them swim around and do somersaults underwater.

I showed the picture to my roommates and expressed my love of otters and was incredulously asked by Kathryn, “You’ve never seen an otter?” Well of course I’ve seen otters, but only at the zoo. “They’re all around my house,” She tells me. “You can swim in the river with them.”

My summer plans have been made: Swimming in a West Virginia river with otters. Oh yes.