Creative exercise: (Thrifty) Black and Pink Table Set Challenge

One of my college roommates is getting married this summer. The bachelorette party is in a couple weeks and I’ve offered my place up for pre-gaming fun before we head to the bars. Because I’m such a good friend, right? …It would be entirely accurate for you to detect an ulterior motive -> me wanting to throw a party/decorate.

The Maid of Honor and I agree on a color scheme of black and pink. And then I thought, “Shit, I don’t have anything black and pink. But I don’t want to go buy a ton of stuff. But I want this to be cute.” DILEMMA.

So tonight I challenged myself to come up with a cute idea for the appetizer/dessert bar table set, using only black and pink things that I already had. And then I would determine what I needed to buy to round it out.

I had a ton of fun!  Seriously, I don’t know why I don’t make practice table sets all the time. I love a good creative challenge. (Read: I am a total loser).

This side of the table I’m really liking.

Materials from back to front:

  • Silver shoe box
  • Margarita bottle and fake flowers (usually on my bookshelf lol)
  • Vase and heart garland (leftover from Valentine’s day decor)
  • Pink plastic cups and pink/black plastic silverware (this is just an idea based on shit from my drawers, I would need to purchase a full set of pink and black plastic silverware)
  • Polka dot ribbon (purloined from an event I went to….the napkins were tied with pieces of ribbon and I may have snitched several and hoarded until now)
  • Paper plate with folded up pink shopping bag from Charlotte Russe (this is to represent that there would be a pile of plates and napkins here – probably pink and black)

You can see a tiered dessert stand cut off on the side of the photo. That got nixed in my final arrangement – it just wasn’t going with all the black.

The next photo shows that it still needs a lot of work. For starters, definitely going to need to pick up a tablecloth. And it needs some sort of banner or backdrop behind the table. I have crepe paper streamers for that, but the SassCat would just tear them down, so I’ll wait until the actual event for that.

Try to visualize a black/white tray on top of that black square in the center. There will be cupcakes on that. The piece of black construction paper is also marking the location of a tray of food. I need to get me some serving platters.

The silvery things on the right are actually baking sheets/cake pans. Those represent the height layering I would like to do with whatever food we put there. The menu isn’t really set, so this is all conjecture at this point. Some more polka dot ribbon, and then the back corner would hold cups. Pink, of course.

It’s a start. Something to think about and help me narrow my shopping list as I plan the rest of the party.

Unexpected Wall Colors – Turquoise

You guys, I am totally digging this turquoise wall.Image

(image source: apartment therapy)

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors and I think it makes the office space pictured just feel happier.

I would love to paint an accent wall in my apartment, but don’t really think it’s worth the expense and effort when I’d have to repaint tan (“latte”) over it in a year.

But wouldn’t it be so relaxing to have a wall like this in your bedroom?


(image source: house of turquoise)

Taking a second look at these photos, it occurs to me that I’ve probably gotten as close to this look as I will in my current apartment with my curtain project. When the sun shines through them during the day, they have this fabulous glowing turquoise sheerness that I LOVE.

You know, I might love curtains as much as I love throw pillows and decorative vases…

Anyway. Stripes. I flip flop when it comes to stripes. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. Probably not a good idea to ever use stripes in my house, but I like this room. I think stripes can look really polished if you use them the right way (and in small doses).


(image source: organized-design)

True Life: I’m a Compulsive Re-decorator

My apartment is a constant work in progress. There’s always something I want to change, rearrange, or redo. This is hard because in a 1 bedroom apartment, there is only so much space to redecorate/rearrange.

But I do it anyway.

  • I switch out decorative vases (and by “decorative vases,” I often mean empty alcohol bottles with pretty labels. Hey, I’m twenty-something, what can I say?!).
  • I move the couch. I move the couch back.
  • I take throw pillows from the living room and put them in the bedroom.
  • I use a duvet cover as a couch cover.
  • For about two weeks I experimented with hanging a curtain as a faux headboard (it didn’t last and that curtain became a pseudo valance for the curtains in the bedroom).

So clearly, in addition to being a compulsive re-decorator, I’m also a bit of diy decorator.

I’m confessing this to you, Internet, because there are going to be some crafty/decorating posts coming soon.

Sorry in advance for adding to the millions of blog posts about home decor that already exist. Would you rather I add to the glut of cat videos on the Internet? Because I can do that! Ha.

I know there’s got to be others like me out there, compulsive re-decorators. And I want to say, I think it’s okay. It’s okay that we can’t decide where that ottoman looks best. It’s okay that we’re convinced there’s always something that would look cuter on that shelf. Embrace the possibilities. Embrace the thrill of flopping down on your couch after a day of rearranging and feeling the satisfaction of knowing you created something that looks and feels good. Something that makes you happy (even if it only stays like that for a few weeks!).

Horizontal Scrolling Websites

So, for my web design project, I decided I wanted to be different and create a layout that scrolls horizontally, instead of vertically like most websites.  I’m kind of regretting now as I’m having a little trouble, but I’ll figure it out in the end.   (I just had to be different, didn’t I?  I blame my need to stand out on a lifetime of matchy-matchy plaid uniformity in catholic school uniforms that left me with an inherent distate of conformity to the standard [and knowledge of the serenity prayer by rote]).

My original inspiration for the horizontal layout idea was this design from CSS Zen Garden: pret a porter.

Whilst googling and trying to figure out how to layout my site, I found a couple nifty sites that index other horizontal layout sites, which gave me some ideas for mine.

The Horizontal Way

CSS Leak

Sometimes when I’m bored I just look at pretty websites. I am a dork, I admit it. While browsing the horizontal layout pages indexed in the above sites, I came across this one, which just makes me nauseous as I click through…gelisiguzel (art portolio). Ugh.

athletic headshots

Creighton Basketball is pretty much the only sport I follow. So when our last Mass Comm project was making headshots for a Creighton sport of our choice, we all know what sport I picked. GOLF! Haha, just kidding. Basketball, of course.


Hello gorgeous. If you want to scroll through the rest of the headshots I made, you can check out my Mass Comm page, here. Right now the headshots are the only things up there, but the page will be updated as we continue with other class projects.

And I might be posting some works in progress screenshots of my computer illustration project soon, so keep an eye out for that!