I like to drink mah coffee and do hoodrat stuff with mah friends

This fine -15 degree wind chill morning I made coffee with my roommate’s new one-cup coffee maker, affectionately named Laterian Keurig.

coffee maker

coffee maker

And here he is, image snitched off Keurig’s official site which is here, for anyone who desires their own Laterian.

Now, the only other people with one of these that I’ve seen were some really rich people who owned a condo in Chicago that my family and I stayed at once. All the carpets were white, and there was a phone in every room and they had an intercom system so you could call the other rooms on the phone in case you know, you couldn’t walk twenty feet to talk to the other person face-to-face.

So when Kathryn told me she was getting one of these machines, I thought, “Oh man…(flashback to all white carpet–shudder)…”

But I am completely swayed.


  • Quick
  • makes one-cup at a time, so no wasted coffee (a sin in my book)
  • Tasty coffee
  • Comes with a one-cup sized filter so when you run out of the individual one-cup things, you can use your own coffee
  • You can also make Hot Chocolate with it


  • Costs more than a simple coffee pot at Target
  • Makes funny noises, kinda loud
  • Have to buy the cups that go with it (see here) (but see pro above)

But I have to say, Laterian and I, we’re friends.  Mainly because Kathryn let me use him this morning and I got some GOOD coffee.

If you’re wondering where the name Laterian came from, check out this SWEET youTube video.  It may leave you wondering what is wrong with this world, but its funny.

And this link  is totally relevant to the mass comm part of the blog: blogging design contest. Whoot.

Bookshelf caves: The new Blanket-and-chair Tent

Reviewing my class syllabus, I noted that I am supposed to make some of these posts about “design” and “convergence.” So my best friend Google and I had some bonding time today and I found some sweet links to share.

The first is the Bookshelf Cave. Now, its pretty pricey, but I guess you have to pay to be able to have the privacy this bookshelf/chair claims to award you. Basically, I want one. Not because I think that “In urban life, there seems to be a common understanding that people tend to consciously or subconsciously become wary of strangers surrounding them,” as the designer claims, but mostly because I think it would be freaking cool to sit in the bookshelf while you read.

The designer, Sakura Adachi makes one for pets, too, in case you were wondering.

I realize that has nothing to do with news media and mass communication design, but I found links to that crazy bookcase on several different blogs, so doesn’t that kind of speak to the spread of information across the web and, dare I say it, convergence? Because if I was listening correctly in one of my three classes in room 204, “it all comes down to the web.”