Sunday Pinterest Inspiration 7/29/12

I was going to merge the two words in the title into a cute pun like “PINspiration” or something, but then it just reminded me too much of “perspiration” which is not cute or fun at all. So I went the boring route. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been loving on Pinterest this past week.Image

Isn’t this stair step end table fabulous? It would take a certain decor style to pull off, but I like it!

This blog post about printing oversized prints at Staples for surprisingly cheap.



They’re called engineering prints and they only come in black and white, but I think it could be fun. I considered getting one for above my couch, but I’ve found a new art project idea for that. More to come later 🙂

End Table Revealed

Everyone remember this?

It finally became this: end table

Boom chicka wow wow, right? Okay, maybe that’s too much excitement for an end table. But I love it. The SassCat loves it, too.

I think she likes the sassy pop of green inside the drawer that matches the legs.

I’m on the fence about painting the knob green. I tried to remove the knob, but it’s an old table and I couldn’t get the knob unscrewed. So, leave it au natural or paint it green? Vote in the comments!

PS – My walls look sort of olive in some of those photos. They’re not. The middle pic (with SassCat) is more true to life.

End Table in Progress

Sigh. Turns out painting an end table is a bit more work than I expected. Here’s the table in all its pre-painted glory.

I did a quick once-over with some fine grit sandpaper and then primed the table today.

I felt pretty relieved after I primed it. I had been having last minute second thoughts of “Oh no, what am I doing? Am I about to ruin this end table? It has such good bones.” But priming it allowed me to visualize what it will look like once I paint it white. I think it will be cute.

So the plan is white with a green top, green dip-dyed legs (who knew that was coming? lol), and the inside of the drawer will be green. Theoretically, the green will match the curtains in my bedroom, but….

You guys, I just don’t know about that shade of green. I matched the paint chip to my curtains…but this seems so…fluorescent? neon?

I’m hoping once I paint the rest white and put it in my room it will look right.